“As a portrait photographer myself, I cannot tell you how much it means to have captured precious moments with my family while on vacation! Natalia was amazing, so wonderful to work with and I couldn’t be happier with our images! Thank you so much!!” – Karen

“Natalia’s a great and a very professional photographer! She’s able to bring out the best in her photos even from the difficult models, knowing exactly what she’s looking for and how to make the photos look great. It was a most relaxing and pleasant experience” – Jakub Muśko

“I totally recommend Natalia as a photograher. I recently did a photo shoot with her and the experience was amazing. Eventhough it was my first time on a shoot, she directed me very well, made me feel comfortable and secure. She is very talented, professional and fun to work with. I´m extremely happy with the photos she took. No questions asked this girl is a must at your next event!” – Nathaly Hermida

“My hubby and I had a couple photo shooting with Natalia and now we have unforgettable memories. We both felt really relaxed during photo shooting, we had so much fun. It’s easy posing in the front of the camera if Natalia is making photos, because she will guide you, make you feel comfortable and she’ll keep you smiling. You can always have selfies, but not professional photos like these ones, captured by Natalia.” – Zana Cesnik

“Natalia makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. She also listens to your ideas and adapts to your preferences but at the same time gives you professional suggestions how to look good on the photo. On the top of that she is a very warm and friendly person. I highly recommend Natalia!” – Monika Kustra

“Our photo shooting with Natalia was just wonderful! She is a very positive and polite person, so the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing. As far as we are not models, this feeling that we are good is very important for us. Natalia really helped us to overcome shyness. As a result we love our photos.”  – Maria Goncharova

“Natalia was great! She not only helped us scout out our engagement shoot locations, but also was the sweetest most personable photographer we ever had. I wish she was our wedding photographer because she made us feel so comfortable and at the same time captured the candid moments. I can’t brag enough about her and am in love with her work!” – Jamie

“You were exactly what we were looking for. You picked the absolute perfect place for our group, were upbeat, kept us all smiling for the whole hours we were there. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone else.” – Andrew

Natalia was incredible. She was able to capture our experience in Barcelona exactly as we wanted. She was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to anyone.” – Marcy

“Natalia was amazing! It was not easy to be in pictures but she made us feel very comfortable. She knows the city so well and so we got a lot done in a short amount of time! Highly recommend!” – Carlos