Barcelona offers a wide variety of stunning family-friendly locations. Green parks, world-famous architecture, and beautiful narrow Mediterranean streets all provide unique backdrops for an unforgettable family photo session in this stunning city! Here goes my list of six best locations for a family shoot in Barcelona:

  1. Ciutadella Park.

This green oasis in the middle of the city is one of my top places for a family session in Barcelona. Besides Cascada Monumental, a beautiful fountain that is its main attraction, there are plenty of cute corners for family photos. I especially like Ciutadella Park for sessions with young kids as it has a real-size statue of a mammoth. Children just love climbing on the trunk and playing with it!

Family photographer Barcelona
Family photographer Barcelona

2. El Born district

Famous for its Medieval streets, this adorable district is home to Picasso Museum and Basilica Santa Maria del Mar. It's easy to get lost in the web of narrow streets full of local boutiques and bars. To describe the neighborhood just as charming would be an understatement. It's got a real European feel.

Best locations for a family photoshoot in Barcelona
Best locations for a family photoshoot in Barcelona

3. Park Güell

The World-famous masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí is something that makes Barcelonians very proud. It was initially built as an exclusive residential district, but due to Gaudí's extravagant way of building (he would demolish the buildings if he didn't like something about them and build from scratch again), the investment run out of money and was taken over by the local authorities. Lucky for us, they turned the neighborhood into a park.

Park Güell is one of the most popular spots for a family photo session in Barcelona and there's a good reason for that! It's simply stunning, especially in the morning, when there are not too many tourists.

Note: as of 2023, the park has introduced restrictions for photographers, and a special permit is required.

Family photo session in Park Guell, Barcelona
Best locations for a family photoshoot in Barcelona
Family photo session in Park Guell, Barcelona

4. Sagrada Familia

The biggest masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí. The construction of Sagrada Familia started in 1882 and continues today. It is predicted that it will be finished in 2026, but skeptics say it won't happen. Even though it's unfinished and the cranes are lurking from the roof, it's still very impressive!

The area around Sagrada Familia is a great place for a family session with the famous church in the background.

Best locations for a family shoot in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

5. Gothic Quarter

This charming Medieval district of Barcelona is one of my clients' favorite spots for photo sessions. No wonder - every corner of it looks like straight out of a movie! The majestic Cathedral of Barcelona, the narrow cobbled streets with tons of restaurants and bars, the hidden patios with fountains and palm trees...

You'll find it all in the Gothic Quarter!

Best locations for a family photoshoot in Barcelona, Gothic Quarter
Best locations for a family photoshoot in Barcelona

6. Arc de Triumf

Situated at the bottom of Paseo San Juan, it was built by architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas as the main access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair. I particularly like this area in the morning, when it's still quiet and the light is flattering. The wide promenade makes it easy to have a relaxed photo session with kids and usually, kids love it and treat is as their playground 🙂

Family photographer in Barcelona
Family photo session in Barceloma
Family photo shoot in Barcelona

If you're thinking of doing an unforgettable family photo session in Barcelona, you will find more information about the packages I offer here.

I'm looking forward to taking photos of your family in Barcelona!

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