We all want to look good in pictures. Whether it’s your profile photo or a family session at the wedding, we all judge the photo by the way we look in it. Most of the times you won’t get a second chance to take the picture, especially at such occasions as weddings or paid photo shoots (unless you’re so desperate that you’ll pay again). How to make the most of the opportunity of being photographed and make sure you’ll be satisfied with the result? Here are a few tips from my experience from working with clients.

1.Get some sleep. Yup. This thought might be radical, but looking tired (or hungover) at the photograph is something that you certainly don’t want and unfortunately it can’t be fixed later on in Photoshop. When you’re tired it’s also harder to look relaxed instead of sleepy or grumpy. So before any photo shoot, I recommend you to get some proper sleep, or at least a short nap.


How to look good in photos


2. Put some nice clothes on. Another indisputable point. If “shabby” look is part of your identity, I can understand why you would want to wear this washed out, unironed shirt. Or at least try to. But unless you’re a rock band singer, do make sure you are wearing ironed, clean and matching clothes. Imagine that the photo shoot, even the shortest one, is a date and dress up accordingly. If you’re having a photo shoot with another person – husband, friend or a family member – make sure you’re both wearing matching clothes. The colours you choose to wear will have a massive impact on the quality of the photograph. These always look good in the camera: whites and pastel colours, dark blue shirts and plain clothes (pattern can be nice, but tricky and only if you match it properly with other pieces). Also, try to avoid wearing simple T-shirts, they just never look nice on the picture. If you’re unsure what to wear for your photo shoot, feel free to send me an email and I will help you choose the best outfit.


How to prepare for a photo shoot

Zana and her husband Jordi are pulling it off perfectly, even though Zana is wearing a pattern. It works well because it’s the only pattern on their clothes and other pieces match when it comes to colour and style.


3. Wear make up. This point refers mainly to women. Wear make up to cover up skin imperfections and to highlight your natural features. Foundation, loose powder that eliminates shiny skin, eye make up and lipstick or lip gloss can make all the difference. Even when you don’t like wearing make up every day, I recommend you to wear one for the photo shoot. The camera has the tendency to “eat up” make up, so don’t be afraid to make it a bit stronger than usual. Or if you’re unsure, get a professional make up artist to do it for you.

As for the guys, you normally don’t need to wear make up, unless you have skin impurities. In that case it’s good to wear some foundation.


4. Get your hair done. Or at least wash it. It might sound funny, but the struggle is real. And again, Photoshop won’t be able to fix it flat or oily hair.


5. Be natural. It’s easy to say, I know. One of the key factors of looking beautiful in front of the camera is to trust the photographer. It is his or her job to make you feel relaxed, but you can help by telling the photographer if you’re stressed or if there is anything that would help you feel more at ease. It’s also helpful to get to know your photographer before the shoot, so if you have a chance, exchange as many emails as you need, call her, or if possible, meet before the session.


How to look good in pictures

6. Be punctual. There’s a reason why you’re meeting the photographer at a certain time. She knows where to go and what kind of light will be there. Chances are you’re either meeting for a morning photo shoot or an evening one, so in that case, believe me, every minute matters. You don’t want to miss a great photo opportunity just because you spent 15 minutes too long in the bathroom, do you?

How to look good in photos

What would you add to the list?

Photos: Natalia Wisniewska
Models: Zana and Jordi