Not many people know about this (because I only share it with a few of my closest friends), but I used to have a lot of anxiety regarding money and finding clients.

The thing that was a real game-changer in my photography career was the moment I started developing a successful mindset through a set of daily routines.

I become not only a non-starving photographer but also one that was fully booked and… published in The New York Times.

These habits are now helping me stay motivated despite what’s going on in the World. So I thought I’d share them with you!

I’m still working on the consistency, but here are some things I try to do every day, at least 5 times a week:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal. In the morning, I write three things I’m grateful for. Then I add one intention for the day. It can be something very specific, like “I will work on xyzzy today”, or more general like “today is going to be an amazing day”.
  • A daily yoga practice. I follow Adrienne’s classes on YouTube. I usually do a 20-25 minute yoga class and if I feel like, I do a longer one. If it’s an advanced class, I tend to do it during the day, and the relaxing ones in the evening. I sleep so well afterward!
  • Workout. If I feel more energetic, I do a HIIT class or an intense pilates. I do this once a week.
  • Meditation. I meditate after doing yoga. Depending on my mood, I use the app Calm, meditations from YouTube or I meditate on my own to the sound of Solfeggio Frequencies (it sounds fancy, I know, but check it out, it’s a piece of beautiful music that helps not only to meditate but also to focus!).
  • Journaling. Putting my thoughts on paper helps me calm down my nervous system if I’m feeling anxious and helps me gain a much-needed perspective. 
  • Setting intentions for the next day. Before going to sleep I write down a few intentions for the next day. It’s a great tool to set my mind up for the coming day. 
  • Eating healthy. Vegetables, wholegrain rice, and pasta, nuts, seeds, yogurt, fish, eggs, fresh meat from the market (yes, I do eat meat, although I mainly stick to chicken). I try to avoid sugar and too much caffeine. I drink one coffee a day.

Experts say that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. Repetition is what creates success. But don’t beat yourself up if you skip a day or two. Just do it the next day. Start again, until it becomes a part of your life. The moment you start feeling like you’re missing something because you didn’t do yoga, you know it’s already ingrained in your brain.

Do you have a daily routine? What is it? Let me know in the comments!