Branding photography

Whether you’re a solopreneur such as a life coach, or a yoga teacher, or you’re starting a business, you need great photos for your website and social media.

The World is rapidly shifting towards online business, and 2020 showed us that it’s vital to be present online. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Building a strong online presence should be every solopreneur’s priority right now.

How do I work?

Before you book a photo session with me, we will have a free call or a coffee meeting in Barcelona to discuss your needs and expectations.
We will then come up with a detailed plan for your shoot.

After our meeting, you will know what kind of photos will work best for your marketing, website, and social media and you will know how to prepare yourself for the photo session in order to get the value for money.



Prices start at  295 euros + VAT (IVA). The final price will depend on how many final photos you need, the location, and other requirements.

What’s included:

✔ Consultation before the session (an initial call or meeting)
✔ Planning of the session

Personalize your package:

✔ An extra hour of shooting: 150 euros
✔ Makeup: 75 euros

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