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Breakthrough Coaching

Build Your Dream Business and Life

You have a passion. You’re great at your craft or profession, and you want to turn it into a business. Whether you’re a photographer, a coach, or a solopreneur offering your services, you might need some help with the business and marketing side of things. That’s why I’m here to help.

I have built my photography business from the ground up, and in less than a year it became my full-time job, allowing me to live life on my own terms, be my own boss, and make more money than I ever made at any job (true story). So, are you ready to take your passion and skills seriously and make it work for you? I’m excited to meet you!

solopreneur's struggle is real

Do you ever feel like this?

Frustrated. Whatever you do to get clients, it just doesn't work. Or, you're getting clients, but they drain your energy, and don't pay what you're really worth.

Overwhelmed. You followed marketing advice online, but it seems that nothing you try sticks. You're not sure what to do or focus on anymore.

Burnt-out. You've been trying to make your business work for a while. You got some clients here and there, but don't see making a real progress.

Then breakthrough coaching might be for you.

What's Breakthrough Coaching?

Action Steps

Your Biz Best Friend

No Fluff 1:1 Coaching

It can be frustrating having to decide what to work on next, when you have to work on SO many things. During our coaching, we’ll set your priorities, so that you can quickly focus on what’s the most important - doing the actual work and getting paid.

Throughout the Breakthrough coaching, you’ll have clear action steps outlined so you know exactly what you need to be working on next. I’ll hold you accountable for the steps you need to take, so that you always have someone cheering on you and motivating you.

I know how it feels like trying to have those business conversations with your friends (who don't have a business). Even though I’m sure they mean well, they probably don’t really understand you.

With my 1:1 coaching, you get three months with me to talk about anything business related via WhatsApp text or voice messages. You can bounce ideas, and share your progress.I’m also available to review any work you create, like social media content, new pages on your website, or your blog.

You’ll get 1:1 calls to deep dive into your business, brainstorm strategies, and design your action plan so you know exactly what to do next.

I customize the coaching plan to your specific situation. Together we'll set priorities for your business, identify weak points, and come up with an action plan.

I am fully invested in your success and that means that I’m going to tell you what you need to hear and how to grow. I will share my knowledge and experience with you, so you don’t figure it all out on your own.

in-depth coaching

Three Months 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching

Looking for in-depth business coaching and massive results? Then the 3-month private Breakthrough coaching is for you. Get yourself from confusion and overwhelm to being on a clear path to business success.


• 1 (30-min) Intro Clarity Call
• 3 (60-min) coaching calls with Natalia (recorded for replay)
• 1:1 WhatsApp support with Natalia for the duration of your coaching program
• A custom website and social media audit (video screen recording by Natalia)

• Detailed action steps from Natalia


€1500 + VAT


private coaching

The Two Week Express Coaching

Ready for massive clarity? Take action and watch your business level up with this 2-week private coaching experience.

We’ll focus on ONE area of your business that you struggle with (pricing, getting clients, website, SEO, prioritizing).


• 1 (20-min) Clarity Call
• 1 (90-min) coaching call with Natalia (recorded for replay)
• Detailed action steps from Natalia
• 1:1 WhatsApp support with Natalia for the duration of your coaching program


450 + VAT


Is this coaching right for you?

You already have a website and know your craft, but you’re struggling to get clients, OR you’re not attracting the kind of clients you really want. You might be also feeling mentally drained from all the marketing info that’s out there, and you need clarity on what's best for you.


You're feeling overwhelmed when it comes to attracting the right clients

You're willing to put in the work

You want to follow a clear plan without guessing what works or not

You're tired of wasting your time trying different marketing strategies and not working with well-paying clients

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