Frequently Asked Questions

How are the photos delivered?

Photos are delivered in a form of an online downloadable gallery which you can share with your family and friends.

What does editing include?

Editing includes exposure correction, contrast, shadow and highlight correction, saturation, clarity, and warmth. I would also remove visible pimples. Regular editing does not include slimming any body parts, removing things from background, cloning people into the photo (you would be surprised:), etc. Custom individual retouching service is available per photo, priced accordingly to the complexity of the edit.

What if it rains?

Although it rarely rains in Barcelona, it does happen. Unless it's an extremely heavy downpour, I don't reschedule the sessions.

How should I prepare for the photo shoot?

First of all, get some sleep before the shoot. That will make you look beautiful and fresh. Also, if it's a casual photo shoot with your friend or partner, make sure you're wearing matching clothes. For women it's advisable to wear at least light make up, like foundation, powder and mascara, to cover up the imperfections. For a detailed advice check out my tips on how to prepare for your photo shoot.

I am shy and I need a lot of directions. Is that a problem?

You're not alone. In fact, most of the people who I work with in the beginning say they are shy and need directions. I make sure you relax during the photo shoot and I adapt to your needs. If you need directions, I will help you strike the best pose, however from my experience, you won't be shy for long!

Some comments from my clients:

"It's easy posing in the front of the camera if Natalia is making photos, because she will guide you, make you feel comfortable and she'll keep you smiling." Zana Cesnik

"Our photo shooting with Natalia was just wonderful! She is a very positive and polite person, so the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing. As far as we are not models, this feeling that we are good is very important for us. Natalia really helped us to overcome shyness. As a result we love our photos." Maria Goncharova

Can I get all the photos from the photo shoot, including the unedited or RAW files?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately I don't share RAW files or unedited files. There are a number of reasons for this, number one being that I believe that as a customer you pay for the end product, and that includes every image being edited. The fee of the photo shoot includes photo shoot, time for editing the images, but also equipment and training undertaken. Giving a RAW or unedited file would be like giving away an unfinished piece of art.

Can I get a discount?

No, sorry. Photography, being my big passion, is also my work. The prices you see on the website were carefully crafted taking into consideration my experience, talent, equipment, cost of running a business, and the quality of service I provide.