What's the difference between personal branding photos and headshots?
The truth is, even though they are similar, they are not the same. Here's what makes them different.

While both are important when you’re starting or updating your brand, headshots are, in other words, professional portraits. They are often captured on a simple background, with professional artificial or natural light, and they only show your face. Think LinkedIn profile photo.

Here's an example of a headshot photo:

headshot portrait of a woman

You might need a quick headshot session to update your social media profiles or use the photo at work on the Slack channel, etc.

Personal branding photos, on the other hand, show the fullness of your brand, for example, you in your workshop or office, while you're talking to your clients, etc. They capture you in different situations, from different angles, and will not only show your face but also full and mid-body in various poses. They also show bits of your personality.

Here are some examples of personal branding photos:

Personal branding photo example
Personal branding photography example

You need a personal branding session when you’re starting or revamping your brand.

A branding session needs to be properly planned and executed. The photo session can take half or even an entire day. The final result will include a few headshots, but not the other way around. 

Think mood board creation, outfit styling, hair and makeup, studio, professional lights, a large number of photos to choose from, etc.

A properly executed and planned personal branding session can provide you with a lot of material to use even a year or more.

You will be able to use those images on:

  • Your website
  • Your social media, like Instagram posts, Facebook posts, YouTube thumbnails
  • LinkedIn profile photo
  • Business cards, etc.

Do you need a personal branding or a headshot session? I offer personal branding photography in Barcelona and Europe and headshot photography in Barcelona.

I'm excited to hear about your project! Feel free to reach out here.

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