Surprise proposal at Parc de la Ciutadella



make your memories last a lifetime

Planning to propose in Barcelona?

I'm here to help you!

It can be stressful to plan your proposal in an unknown city. If you're planning to propose in Barcelona, I've got you covered! I'll help you plan and then capture your magic moment.

I've worked with 350+ couples from all over the World, and I know what it takes to plan your special day so that it goes as smoothly as possible!

How does it work?

1. The Plan
Have a free consultation with me over email and brainstorm proposal ideas. Once you book your date, I'll be by your side to help you plan your Big Day, every step of the way. I'll share with you the best proposal locations and times, as well as tips on how to prepare for your day.

2. The Build Up
You'll receive maps, checklists, and directions for the exact location of your proposal, so when the day comes, all you have to do is arrive at the spot - and keep it a secret till then!

3. The Proposal
Sit back and relax as it all unfolds and I capture every moment of it. Depending on the package you choose, I will either take more engagement photos after she says Yes or let you go celebrate. You'll be able to relieve the moment of your engagement time and time again with tens of beautiful images.

Proposal Collection I

Moment of your proposal and a 45-min engagement session right after she says Yes.

Includes planning, maps and directions, and 30 edited photos delivered to you within 7 days of your proposal.


Basic Proposal collection


• 24-hr delivery (€50)
• Cava to celebrate on the spot (€50)
• 1-hour engagement session on the same or another day (€250)
• Weekend and holiday fee (€100)

• Planning via email or call
• Capturing the moment of proposal

• 45-min photosession
• 30 edited images
• Maps and directions

• Tips how to prepare


book via WHatSAPP

Proposal at Parc de la Ciutadella

Proposal Collection II

Photos of the moment of your proposal, a 45-min engagement session right after she says Yes, a 60-min extra session time in another location, a video of your proposal with the song of your choice, and a bottle of cava to celebrate on the spot.

Includes planning, maps and directions, and 70 edited digital photos delivered to you within 7 days of your proposal.


PREMIUM Proposal


• 24-hr delivery (€50)
• Weekend and holiday fee (€100)

• Planning via email or call
• Capturing the moment of proposal
• 70 edited images
• Maps and directions

• Tips how to prepare


book via WHatSAPP

Kind Words

Marco & Abby


New York

Natalia was amazing and got the most beautiful photos of me and my fiancée. She made us feel comfortable and allowed us to take our time and enjoy our moment. We are so grateful for her kindness and the amazing photos!

"Natalia was a joy to work with for our proposal. She took amazing photos and was just genuinely a lovely person to chat with throughout the photoshoot."

- Pardis Parhizgar

Brittney Felix


San Francisco

I had no idea what was happening the day my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Natalia was amazing and helped my boyfriend pull off the BEST proposal! The pictures she took are beautiful.

Jasmine holiday



I am in complete awe of Natalia and her work! In just 3 days, she assisted my fiancé with the most amazing proposal abroad. I am still in disbelief with how beautiful the photos turned out and how awesome Natalia is as a person.

Why Book a Photographer for Your Proposal in Barcelona?

1. Capture the moment and create a lasting memory

Hiring a professional photographer for your marriage proposal is an investment in your memories. From the surprise and joy in the eyes of your partner to the expressions of friends and family witnessing the special moment, having a photographer ensures that every priceless moment is documented with clarity and precision.

2. High-quality images

Unlike relying on friends or family with smartphones, a professional photographer brings expertise and high-quality equipment to the occasion. This results in stunning, well-composed images that you can cherish for a lifetime. The use of professional lenses, lighting, and post-processing techniques enhances the overall aesthetic of the photographs, which you can later print out or order an album.

3. Professionalism and discretion

A professional proposal photographer is experienced in capturing the moment of your engagement without being intrusive. They can blend into the background, ensuring that the proposal remains an intimate and private moment between you and your partner. This allows you to fully enjoy the moment without feeling self-conscious or distracted by cameras.

4. Familiarity with local settings

A local photographer is familiar with picturesque locations in the area and will provide you with valuable insights into the best spots and times for a memorable proposal. Their knowledge of the surroundings will contribute to creative and visually stunning photographs, capturing both the special moment and the unique charm of the local environment. They will also be able to resolve any last-minute hiccups and change the location if needed.

5. Share the Joy

Once the proposal is complete, having professional photographs allows you to easily share the joyous news with friends and family. Within 7 days of your proposal, you'll receive an online gallery with your photos that you can share with others.

Book Your Proposal Session

It's recommended to inquire at least 4 weeks before the proposal date.