If you're offering any kind of personal service, building a personal brand is very important. It allows you to position yourself as an expert, stand out from your competitors, and most importantly, build trust with your potential clients. Here are 5 steps to building a personal brand online.

1. Identify what makes you unique

Chances are there are many other professionals who offer the same service as you do, so you need to identify what makes you different from them. You can do this by highlighting your unique personality traits, as well as analyzing your competition. Look for ways how you can stand out from the others.

2. Define your target audience

Decide to whom you're going to offer your services and be very clear about it. It will help you with creating content and messaging, and eventually will help you attract the right audience and future clients.

Steps to building a personal brand
Personal branding photoshoot can help you build your online presence

3. Choose your niche

Focus on your target group of people and define what they need help with the most. Focusing on one niche at the beginning is easier than targeting "everyone".

Be specific. You can always add more services later.

4. Craft your offer

Create your offer based on what your clients need. Focus on solving their problems or providing a high-quality service. Look for unique points that can make you different than your competition.

5. Choose a platform that works for you

Focus on one platform initially, and be consistent and authentic. Only after you grow your first platform, start a new one. In order to build a connection with your followers, make sure to share bits of your personality, and also show your face.

And most importantly, be persistent and patient! Building a personal brand is a commitment, but if you do it consistently and with the right strategy, you will soon reap the benefits of having a strong personal brand.

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