So you're thinking of doing a personal branding photoshoot. That's awesome!

Professional branding photos have the power to completely transform your business and make you a lot of money. But before you book your branding photoshoot, make sure you know what makes good branding photos.

Here are the 7 things you need to know about personal branding photos before booking your session.

But first, let’s start with defining what a personal brand is.

A personal brand is the way you present yourself to the world, both online and offline.

It encompasses your values, skills, expertise, personality traits, and the overall perception others have of you. It’s your way of showing your passion and true colors and standing out from others who offer the same kind of services or expertise as you do.

Personal branding photos are one of the core elements of your overall personal branding.

Branding photos help you look your best and show people what you're all about, whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, influencer, or job seeker. It's like telling a story through pictures. You might show yourself in your workspace, meeting with clients, or doing what you love most. Think of it as your personal highlight reel. 

You will use your branding photos on your social media profiles and on your website, so make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

7 elements of great personal branding photos

  1. They show who you are. It should focus on highlighting your strengths, talents, and unique qualities, and show the authentic you.
  2. They highlight your professionalism and expertise. They convey a sense of competence and credibility.
  3. They tell a story. Personal branding photography should tell a story. It might include images of you in your work environment, while you’re interacting with clients, or showcasing your creative process.
  4. They are consistent with your personal brand identity. Your branding photos should match your branding color palette and overall “look and feel”. This makes it easier for the audience to recognize and remember you.
  5. They are versatile. The photos should be versatile enough to be used across different platforms, from LinkedIn to Instagram and beyond.
  6. They take into consideration your potential clients. The images should resonate with the people you want to connect with. For example, if your audience appreciates beauty and style, your branding photos should be elegant, and stylish.
  7. They are high-quality. Professional branding photos should have good lighting, composition, and editing. 

Important note: do not confuse personal branding photos with headshots. 

While both are important, headshots are in other words professional portraits. They are often captured on a simple background, with a professional light, and they only show your face.

Branding photos, on the other hand, show the fullness of your brand, for example in your workshop or office, while you're talking to your clients, etc. They capture you in different situations, from different angles, and will not only show your face but also full and mid-body in various poses.

A branding session needs to be properly planned and executed. It will include some headshots, but not the other way around.

Thinking of doing a personal branding photoshoot in Barcelona?

If you’re looking for a personal branding photographer in Barcelona, other parts of Spain, or Europe, I’m here to help. 

My work process is focused on your individual needs and comes in a few stages.

  1. Initial call. Before we agree on working together, we’ll have a quick discovery call to see if we’re the right fit for each other. I value your time and it’s important for me to work with people whose vision resonates with my style, and who are excited to work together.
  2. Mood board creation. We'll set up a Pinterest board to create your mood board - a collection of inspirational images and color palettes that reflect your brand.
  3. Session planning. We'll brainstorm locations and set the date and time for your session.
  4. Photoshoot. Let's shoot!
  5. Photo selection and final gallery delivery. You’ll receive the photos for selection within 5 days of your photoshoot. After you submit your favorites, you'll receive the final images up to ten days after our session.

The whole process can take up to five weeks, so it's important to plan in advance.

You can inquire here. I can’t wait to hear all about your vision!

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