A couple of weeks ago Supal from Chevrons & Eclairs and I shot this short video to show our support for Art Feeds.

Art Feeds is a charity which facilitates the emotional development through art and community. This helps children to boost their self-esteem and develop social and artistic skills.

I personally strongly believe in the importance of art in the education process. Not only it develops creativity and self-esteem , but also helps to be goal- focused. Unfortunately, schools all over the world too often neglect this fact and put too much stress on tests and other, “more important” subjects. It’s a real shame, as I truly think each one of us in an artist in some way and all the kids should have an opportunity to discover their passion, whether it is music, painting, drawing, sculpting or anything else.

Have a look at the short video promoting art through visits to the museum and let us know it the comments what kind of art do you like!

Supal Art Feeds from Natalia Wisniewska on Vimeo

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